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Website Maintainance

The act of routinely checking your website for errors and making sure that everything is responsive and fully updated constitutes website maintenance. To keep the website current, safe, and dependable, you must perform this routinely. It promotes traffic growth while boosting your SEO and Google rankings.

Whether you have a large corporation, a person, or a little enterprise, you must keep your website up to date. That makes it possible for you to engage and communicate with specific clients and potential visitors on your website while also averting some problems.

Our Service for Website Maintenance

We've already outlined the basics of what website upkeep entails. It is time to get the list of essential services that make up website maintenance.

1. Check for Vulnerabilities First

The main goal of a website should be security. Look for spam that may have gotten through your filters. Regular vulnerability scanning ensures that "no attacks or takeovers are against your website."

2. Fixes and Repairs

All have to do with mistakes, glitches, and broken links. You can use a link checker to hunt for broken links that annoy users and lower your search engine rankings.

3. Testing for Browser Compatibility

Make sure that your website functions flawlessly on the most popular browsers. Additionally, your website needs to work with lesser-used browsers.

4. Update Software

Update the essential software that powers your website. As an illustration, consider the content management system's themes and plugins. Upgrade non-critical software as well, if it is worthwhile.

5. Backups of Websites

A backup of your website is a copy of all your data, files, and databases. Its objective is to protect data if your current site fails. If you do not have a backup solution in place, you may lose critical data in the event of an accident.

6. Site Performance.

You must examine this point. Use Google Page Speed Insights or Yahoo's Slow to determine the problems causing your site to load slowly.

7. Web Resources

Here is a wealth of health information or "Web Resources" available for free on the internet. A web resource is anything you can view, read, listen to, or engage with on the internet, such as videos, fact sheets, and online quizzes. We are always on the lookout for and adding new Web Resources about healthy aging to the Portal.